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Terms and Conditions

Natural Bronze Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Natural Bronze Tanning Salon! Before you use our UV tanning equipment, please read and understand our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions cover your use of our services and equipment at our salon located in Braunton, UK. 

These legal terms are between you and Natural Bronze Tanning Salon (Natural Bronze/us/we). You agree to these terms by using our services, our website and when you purchase any of our products. By using our salon, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined below. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you must not use our services.


Age Restriction


You MUST be 18+ to use our tanning equipment and proof of your age will be required if you look under 21 (photo ID). 


Consultation Forms


All first-time clients must fill out a consultation form. If you have a medical condition or are taking medication, please discuss this with our staff before using our tanning equipment. If you have any medical conditions, please consult with your GP before using the tanning equipment.

By using our tanning equipment, you understand that the use of tanning equipment and overexposure to UV may result in skin ageing and potentially increase the risks associated with skin cancer. You are in control of the use of the equipment. 


Personal Protective Equipment


It is a legal requirement to wear eye protection during your tanning session. Goggles are available to purchase within the salon and disposable eye protection is also available.


Exposure Time


We have recommended exposure times for different skin types. Please consult with one of the staff if you are not too sure how long you should use the tanning equipment for. Notices and exposure time recommendations can be found in the salon.


You must not use our tanning services if you have already been sunbathing or have another sunbed that day.


Health Concerns


If you experience any health concerns such as redness, itching, or blistering, while using our tanning equipment, you must stop the session immediately and inform our staff. Please do not use the tanning equipment, if you are experiencing any of these conditions prior.


If you are on medication, or are pregnant, or photosensitive (skin type 1) then you must consult with your GP and follow their advice.




We ask that you wipe down your sunbed before and after use! We provide sunbed cleaning solution and blue roll. Please leave the rooms clean and tidy when you leave, so it is ready for the next customer. 




We do not offer refunds for any tanning sessions or packages that have been purchased. All sales are final.


Disruptive Behaviour


We will not tolerate disruptive behaviour in our salon. If you are found to be disruptive or abusive to our staff or other clients, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately.




We are not responsible for any damage to personal property or loss of personal property that occurs in our salon. You are using our salon and equipment at your own risk.


Damage to Equipment

If you damage any of our equipment or property, you will be held responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.


Changes to Terms and Conditions


We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time. We will notify our clients of any changes through our website or in our salon.


How to contact us


You can reach us through our website (contact forms) 


Instagram: Natural Bronze Tanning Salon


Facebook: Natural Bronze Tanning Salon


Thank you for choosing Natural Bronze Tanning as your tanning salon. We hope you enjoy using our UV tanning equipment!

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